Picture Gallery

Dodson man handles the rack. 

Brenda and Tory spin DJpdub's head right 'round modeling D.D.'s Pink Ribbon, appliqued shirts and double "D" ring belts at our Take A Sidewalk On The Wild Side" fashion show.

 LEFT: Karen is back in the dating saddle and a D.D. Carved Mirror, silver lurex, turtle neck at the BBc trunk show. Those what appear to black strips on the main graphic are actually  silver mylar foil, embellishments, the black belt is actually a black belt,watch out! 

Vicky Pettinaro-Martelli

chose this magnificent magenta, hand linoleum block printed and taffeta appliqued D.D. from our Carved Mirror group at the Brandywine Festival of the Arts (BFA).

A D.D.of De. shirt grouping for a showroom presentation.

LEFT: Linda modeled, and purchased!, this charcola grey turtle neck from the D.D. Peacock Chair group at the recent Brandywine Brewing Co.Drunk...er, Trunk Show.

Thank you X2 Linda. 

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