Below: Photos from Brandywine Signature's fall fashion shoot at Delaware's Hagley museum, MD did the wardrobe styling again this year!

 BELOW:  M.D.'s fall 2012 stylin' gig for Gannett's Brandywine Signature magazine.

BELOW: assorted pics of and about Dodson's Of Delaware line of women's designer tops featuring motifs of, from and about Delaware including decorative objects the likes of which you may see at Delaware's own world reknown museum of American furniture and decorative arts, Winterthur.

Dodson man handles the rack. 

Below: photos from Dodson Design of Delaware's CUT & PAStee line. 

Below: Cut & Pastee photo gallery.

 Marteeni Mike pix below. Its a party, its a shirt, its a type!

Below: Photos form Dodson Design of Delaware's BusTEE line of bust enhancing, waist minimizing, utilizing hand sprayed and embellished, contouring, designer Tshirts. Smaller busts gain a cup, larger girls feel lifted, its a win win!! 

Contrary to what the print ad below left states the following fotos are not from Mike Dodson's Signature collection but rather his SICKnature collection, sick. aka, Dodson Design for Dudes.


 Below: Photos of M.D.'s lounge and underwear designs for Kenneth Cole NYC.

 Below: Photos of M.D.'s designs for his young mens Mike&Mike label for under,lounge,and activewear.


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